Sustainable development

A SaaS strategic plan monitoring tool integrating social responsibility principles to help you improve your overall performance and impact through digital means

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Sustainable technology

A continuous improvement process to develop platforms that are both energy-efficient and inclusive

A tool designed according to general eco-design principles

  • Optimized page structure to reduce loading time
  • User experience adapted to the needs of your organization, thereby reducing the number of clicks and server requests
  • Automated image compression for fast loading while preserving optimal quality on different screen formats and devices
  • Source code to reduce energy waste and digital pollution (no plug-ins or associated modules)

Ecological hosting solution

All our platforms are hosted on hydro-powered servers that have been optimized to consume less electricity.

Integration of web accessibility features

  • Customization of color themes to suit individual user preferences, including light, dark and contrast modes
  • Automatic adjustment of the platform interface according to screen size or zoom actions performed by the user, guaranteeing optimal legibility.

B Corp™ Certified

A certification that demonstrates our commitment

Our journey towards B Corp certification has enabled us to evaluate all our practices and products, so that we can make a more thoughtful commitment to CSR. By choosing to integrate principles of sustainability and social responsibility, our aim is to improve our impact while providing organizations with the tools they need to carry out their digital transformation in an eco-responsible way.

Plan sustainably while improving your processes

Planivore facilitates the adoption of a sustainable strategic plan, mobilizes your teams and allows the dissemination of relevant information to stakeholders.



Adopt a sustainable strategic plan with the help of artificial intelligence



Engage your teams in your sustainable strategic planning process



Communicate transparently to stakeholders



Adopt a sustainable strategic plan with the help of artificial intelligence

An artificial intelligence (AI) solution connected to your strategic plan monitoring tool, simplifying the creation and monitoring of sustainable actions.

Analysis of strategic plan and existing data

Connect your strategic plan and action plans to an artificial intelligence solution to receive customized proposals based on your needs and orientations.

Creation of sustainable actions linked to the plan

Generate sustainable actions that target environmental and social aspects linked to the structure and specific data of your strategic plan.

Track objectives and impact using a progress scale

Add selected sustainable elements to your action plan and measure them with KPIs and a progress scale. Make the necessary changes to your ways of doing things to achieve them, and communicate your progress to stakeholders using a public dashboard.


Engage your teams in your sustainable strategic planning process

A personalized and inclusive platform to support your socio-ecological transition, while encouraging collaboration and the sharing of strategic information internally.

Effective communication of the strategic plan throughout the organization

Share the overall vision and details of your planning more easily internally to motivate your teams towards common goals and avoid working in silos.

Active participation and collaboration for an inclusive work environment

Offer an intuitive, inclusive and secure online working tool that encourages active collaboration in real time and the involvement of your employees in the strategic planning process.

  • Adopt a scalable, organic approach while retaining control over any changes you make, thanks to a moderation feature.
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Attract and retain staff

Offer even more stimulating jobs and improve employee well-being by reducing the number of repetitive tasks. Attract potential new candidates by placing sustainability at the heart of your strategy.


Communicate transparently to stakeholders

A set of functionalities integrated into your strategic plan monitoring tool to optimize your external communications and seamlessly share your progress.

Involvement of external collaborators

Include external stakeholders in your strategic planning by providing them with access to your monitoring tool. Manage the actions that can be carried out according to their role and needs.

Customized report production

Export partial or complete reports using filters to quickly extract relevant data and pass it on to the relevant stakeholders.

Dashboard with public view

Share your progress and selected information publicly with a user-friendly online dashboard.

  • Dashboard structure respecting the number of levels and their designations
  • Integration of dynamic graphics and visuals to simplify understanding

Looking for a sustainable strategic planning solution?

Planivore is the ideal monitoring tool for your organization.

Whether you run an educational institution, a healthcare facility, a municipality, a non-profit organization or a small business, we offer plans and rates tailored to your needs.

Resources to help you implement a sustainable strategic plan

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Adopt a sustainable and inclusive strategic plan monitoring tool

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