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Empowering organizations to achieve their goals

Strategic planning is a crucial step in defining the vision and ensuring the long-term viability of any organization, private or public, for profit or not.

That's why we created planivore, a SaaS platform designed and developed to meet the specific needs of organizations in terms of monitoring strategic planning.

The planivore story

A solution in constant evolution

  • Creation of a customized tool for a college

    In 2021, Collège Ahuntsic approached our team to implement a customized tool within their organization to monitor their strategic planning and facilitate the reporting process.

    We accepted the mandate to co-create with the college a tool meeting their specific requirements.

  • Development of a SaaS model

    Following implementation of the tool for Collège Ahuntsic, several other CEGEPs expressed interest in the solution.

    In response to this interest, we adapted the platform to offer it as a SaaS model to other educational institutions.

  • planivore creation

    With several satisfied customers from different industries now using our strategic plan monitoring tool, we decided to separate this solution from our other products, which are more focused on sales and training.

    And so, planivore was officially born. We knew then that we had created a product that would be useful to a wide range of organizations.

  • Obtaining B Corp™ certification

    It was also in 2023 that Mediavore, the company behind planivore, obtained B Corp certification, a designation attributed to companies that adopt sustainable practices. We decided in particular to integrate eco-design and web accessibility principles into all our products.

    Thus, planivore has also become B Corp certified.

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  • New version of planivore

    These first few years have enabled us to better target our customers' needs. In order to improve the user experience while integrating new functionalities, we decided to develop a completely new version.

    planivore has also been adapted to meet the requirements not only of educational establishments, but also of NPOs, institutional organizations and businesses.

  • 2025

More than 1000 users use planivore on a daily basis to monitor their strategic planning.

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planivore, a product of Mediavore

planivore is one of the solutions from Mediavore, a company developing innovative and sustainable technologies.

It was the Mediavore team that programmed the planivore strategic plan monitoring tool, that works continuously to improve it and that accompanies each of our customers in its implementation.

Production team

Complementary strengths specialized in the creation of digital solutions

Our team is made up of software development specialists, specifically web developers, integrators, UX/UI designers and project managers.


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